Employee Engagement

Organizational culture is somewhat elusive. You can’t actually touch it, but you can see the influence it has on your employees and ultimately how it impacts your business results. Leaders can choose whether they want to allow their culture to go its own way, or intentionally focus on and drive the critical few behaviors that serve to create a culture of engagement.

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Sustaining a Culture of Engagement

Employee engagement is so much more than just an assessment. Shape your culture and workforce using our innovative and transformational approach.

Specializing in senior care, Align partners with your management team to plan, guide and implement an effective engagement process specifically designed for post-acute and long-term care providers. We help you identify and target high leverage improvement areas. We support your improvement efforts with a set of tools and services based on best practices tailored to fit your organization’s needs every step of the way.

Organizational readiness

Experience shows us that creating a culture of engagement depends on setting the stage by carefully working with management to prepare the entire organization for the process.

Meaningful assessment

Our assessments are based on a state-of-the-art model proven to pinpoint critical areas for improvement and provide actionable insights for change.

Insightful analysis

Our analytic model and reports clearly answer the question "What should I do now?" We give you more than a report; we provide a road map for change.

Sustainable change

Our Action Maps guide you through a series of targeted steps to sustain meaningful change and support a healthy and engaging culture.

Building a leadership system that drives employee performance, retention and business results

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Take action to shape workplace engagement

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Whether you are trying to manage clinical outcomes, manage cost, manage compliance or manage change, highly engaged employees will be the difference-maker for your organization. The ROI is clear – let us show you the solution. 

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Challenging times call for bold leadership

Creating an engaging and productive workplace, in which excellent care and service delivery is the norm, requires unwavering leadership. Without the commitment, visible support and engagement of organizational leaders, it is very difficult to engage the hearts and minds of employees.

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Inspiring Emotional Commitment In Your Employees

Your culture impacts whether an employee chooses to stay with your organization or seek other opportunities. In a world where attracting and retaining talent has become the number one challenge for senior care providers, it is imperative to attend to and create an engaging culture.
So, will you manage your culture, or will you let your culture manage you?

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How Managers Can Create a Culture of Engagement

The verdict is in: An overwhelming 85% of business leaders rate employee engagement as their top priority. The ability to create an engaging workplace has become one of the greatest competitive differentiators in business.

But engagement doesn’t just happen. To foster an engaging workplace, providers must create an environment in which employees are energized about their role and feel their talents are being utilized, recognized and valued.

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5 Cultural Attributes of Employee Engagement

In order to move from a transactional approach of employee engagement to a transformational approach, an organization can start by focusing on these five cultural attributes. Read about the indicators and emotions of an engaging culture as well as clear, direct tips for incorporating them into your daily routine.

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5 Employee Engagement Mistakes Impacting Your Outcomes

When it comes to driving post-transition patient outcomes, there is a lot of attention given to the patient, and for very good reason. But what about your staff? The reality is that your employees can’t drive better outcomes or promote patient engagement if they themselves are not engaged in the work they do. Are you making these employee engagement mistakes?

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