Are you prepared for today's healthcare reality?

It's no secret that healthcare providers are facing a challenging new reality and doing so with fewer resources and greater patient expectations. Knowing this, we have assembled an innovative team of healthcare leaders to develop solutions that turn your challenges today into opportunities that drive your success in the future.

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Customer Experience

Consumers of healthcare services tomorrow won’t have the same expectations they have today. Are you prepared for that shift? Our Customer Experience Solution offers an innovative approach to measuring customer experience, providing you a critical advantage in the competitive marketplace. Understand consumer experiences through the lens of the individuals who understand it best – your customers. Brought to you exclusively by PointClickCare® and powered by Align, our solution transforms customer feedback so you can use it to your advantage.

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Employee Engagement

Your ability to recruit and retain qualified and engaged staff poses on one of the most critical business challenges you face today. Our solution addresses how you can directly shape your culture to meet three critical business needs – the recruitment, retention and engagement of qualified employees. Brought to you exclusively by PointClickCare® and powered by Align’s team, receive the insights, tools and resources necessary to create and sustain a culture of engagement.

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Transitions of Care

The new normal – bundled payments and pay for performance, along with increasing regulatory scrutiny of the transition process – is altering the way you operate and compete. Engaging patients and families in the development of a transition plan that they can understand and follow is key to putting your patients in charge of their health outcomes. Our Transitions of Care Solution, Engage™, provides a standardized transition-planning strategy that has at its foundation the concepts of patient activation and engagement.

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