Neil Gulsvig

Chief Executive Officer

Neil understands what it takes to operate in the post-acute healthcare sector. He is a nationally respected professional with vast experience, spanning roles from administrator in a skilled nursing center to executive leadership positions in multi-facility organizations. He knows this business. And he is an innovator. For the past 15 years, Neil has worked with the provider community, professional organizations at the state and national levels, and vendor partners in his quest to identify the pressing needs of the senior-care provider community, and to bring innovation and practical solutions to the market. In 2002, Neil co-founded My InnerView, setting what was at that time an industry standard for performance-improvement research in the long-term care profession. Today, he serves as the co-founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Align, and continues to challenge and motivate the Align team to do what it does best — innovate, develop and deliver high-value solutions to the profession.