Transitions of Care

Promote successful and sustainable transitions of care using Engage™ and prepare your organization for the changing healthcare landscape.

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Patient-friendly transition process

Giving patients pages of information written in industry jargon puts up barriers to good care. Empowering patients with a plan that they can understand and follow is the key to putting them in charge of health outcomes.

Engage provides a standardized transition-planning model that begins upon admission, evolves throughout the course of stay, and results in a comprehensive, easy-to-follow plan -- promoting the patient’s ability to successfully self-manage after transition. Operational advantages are gained with vertical process transparency throughout the organization, the ability to hold staff accountable for the transition-planning process, evaluation of process measures known to drive transition success, and access to data necessary to drive process improvement.

Features of Engage’s Transition Planning Tools:

  • Fully editable discharge summary
  • Self-care readiness assessment
  • Clear, well organized medication summary
  • Scheduled medical appointments
  • Patient prompts for appointment scheduling
  • Self-care instructions in plain patient-centered language
  • Personalized post-transition services and equipment summary

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